Rebates help you sell high-efficiency equipment

When initial purchase price is the main thing standing between your residential or small business customer and the high-efficiency equipment they want, a CenterPoint Energy rebate may be the best tool you have. We encourage you to use our rebates to upsell to high-efficiency, helping your customers save energy and money for years.



​​​​​​​​​​​​​Rebate Offerings​​​​

Heating System Rebates

Heating System Rebates

Up to $400 for forced-air furnaces; additional $50 when you install a qualifying smart thermostat at the same time.

Furnace Tune-Up Rebates

Furnace Tune-Up​​​

Perform a qualifying tune-up on a natural gas furnace your customers can receive a $25 rebate.

Water Heater Rebates​​

Water Heater Rebates​​​

$250 for water heaters for residential and small business installations.

Electric to Gas Equipment Rebates

Electric to Gas Equipment Rebates

CenterPoint Energy offers the following rebates when your customers replace their electric equipment and appliances with high-efficiency natural gas models: $2,000 for heating system, $900 for water heater, up to $450 for clothes dryer, and up to $300 for cooking range.

PLUS, you can receive incentives for each qualifying heating system, tankless water heater, dryer or range rebate processed listing your company as the installer.

Please note: To issue an incentive payment to installers, we must have a current copy of your W9 form on file.

Program Reminders​​​

  • In order to secure your rebate, submit all the paperwork by the calendar year end (Dec. 31).​
  • Remember to include your six-digit dealer number on all applications.
  • Funds are limited and will be paid on a first-come, first-served basis.​