​​Industrial Process Steam Trap Audit Rebate

Capture energy savings

​As you look for ways to increase energy efficiency in your facilities, consider an audit of your industrial process steam distribution systems, as a significant amount of energy is often wasted due to poorly maintained systems. To help recover some of this energy, CenterPoint Energy offers a Process Steam Trap Audit Program (PTSA).

Enjoy immediate and long-term money and energy savings

​Industrial facilities tend to run steam equipment at high pressure for long periods of time. Therefore, a steam trap failure can result in a substantial increase in natural gas consumption. An audit will help you identify failed steam traps in need of replacement.

Enjoy rapid payback on this energy investment when you combine eligible audit rebates with qualifying equipment rebates provided through our Custom Rebate Program. Additional custom rebates are subject to engineering analysis and payback criteria for qualification. 

How the Process Steam Trap Audit Program works:

  • Customers will be able to participate in the PSTA program every other year.
  • The program will pay for the steam trap audit at a rate of $15/tested trap, up to 100 percent of the audit's cost, upon repair of all failed steam traps.

The audit funding is payable upon receipt of the: 

Start saving today

​For more information on the Process Steam Trap Audit Program, call your Account Manager or our Business Customer Hotline at 612-​321-4939 (877-803-3803).

​​Program deadlines

​All required documentation must be received by Dec. 31 of the year audit and trap repairs are completed. ​​​