​​​​​Application Guidelines


CenterPoint Energy shall interconnect distributed generation (DG) as described in the (Public Utility Commission, or "Commission")  PUC Substantive Rules 25.211 and 25.212 pursuant to the terms of the standard form distributed generation interconnection agreement, which is Sheet No. 6.26 of the tariff.


A person seeking interconnection and parallel operation of distributed generation with CenterPoint Energy must complete and submit the Application for Interconnection and Parallel Operation. Delivery Service is not provided for under this rate schedule but is available through the appropriate Delivery Service Tariff.

Terms and Conditions of Service

The terms and conditions under which interconnection of distributed generation is to be provided are contained in Commission Substantive Rules 25.211 and 25.212, which are incorporated herein by reference, and in the standard form Agreement for Interconnection and Parallel Operation of Distributed Generation, Sheet No. 6.26. The rules are subject to change from time to time as determined by the Commission, and such changes shall be automatically applicable hereto based upon the effective date of any Commission order or rule amendment.

Studies and Services

Pre-interconnection studies may be required and conducted by CenterPoint Energy. Other services may be provided as required by the Distributed Generation customer and provided pursuant to negotiations and agreement by the customer and CenterPoint Energy and may be subject to approval by the Commission.

Pre-Initerconnection Study Fee Schedule​

Pre-certified distributed generation units that are up to 500 kW that export not more than 15 percent of the total load on a single radial feeder and also contribute not more than 25 percent of the maximum potential short circuit current on a radial feeder are exempt from any pre-interconnection study fees. For all other DG applications, the study fees in the following table will apply.

 Non-exporting​​ 0 to 10 kW 10+ to 500 kW 500+ to 2000 kW 200+ to 10,000 kW
 1. Pre-certified, not on network $0 $0 $650 $845
 2. Non pre-certified, not on network $312 $503 $1,210 $1,405
 3. Pre-certifed, on network $272 $640 $1,680 $1,875
 4. Not pre-certified, on network $525 $1,150 $2,240 $2,435


 Exporting 0 to 10 kW 10+ to 500 kW 500+ to 2000 kW 200+ to 10,000 kW
 1. Pre-certified, not on network $75 $220 $870 $1,065
 2. Non pre-certified, not on network $312 $769 $1,430 $1,625
 3. Pre-certifed, on network $272 $860 $1,900 $2,095
 4. Not pre-certified, on network $495 $1,370 $2,460 $2,655​