1. ​​Customer submits application for interconnection. The application package should be sent to the address shown in the application. Information should include a One Line Diagram ​showing the relationship of the distributed generation (DG) unit tied into the electrical panel and the CenterPoint Energy meter location.

  2. Review of application by CenterPoint Energy Distribution System Protection. Received applications and generation specifications will be reviewed by CenterPoint Energy's Distribution System Protection group (DSP). If additional information is required, DSP will contact the customer.

  3. Approval for construction. After the application has been accepted and is deemed in compliance, the customer will be notified of the approval of the connection design for construction.

  4. Field inspection for final tagging and approval. A field inspection will be required to ensure that the installation is built as planned prior to actual synchronization with the CenterPoint Energy grid. An interconnection agreement will be prepare, which must be signed by the customer prior to energization.