​Temporary Heat


When you need temporary heat for a commercial construction site, choose natural gas over propane or other fuels to enjoy:

  • Fewer equipment breakdowns and less maintenance.
  • Peace of mind with a safe, clean-burning fuel.
  • Lower operating costs and no guessing - you pay only for the fuel you use.
  • A convenient, continuous fuel supply with no tank clutter or on-site refilling.

NOTE: Temporary heat is not available for residential construction sites.

Two basic steps: How to plan for temporary heat

If you will need temporary heat for a commercial construction site during winter, you'll need to:

1. Have your site ready by Nov. 1 and send your application by Oct. 15. This will help to ensure that we can install your service line in time so your building crew stays warm. Out-of-season charges apply Nov. 1 through Mar. 31.

2. Have a place for us to hang the meter set. In order for us to be able to hang the meter set, the following must be met:

  • All exterior walls must be framed. If the permanent meter location is not ready, you will need to construct a temporary wall for the meter set. (See diagram below)
  • Elevated pressure may not be available. Please check with us for approval.
  • Your site must be 6" to final grade.

Guidelines for building a temporary wall  

NOTE: Temporary wall must be perpendicular to permanent wall.

temp wall diagram  

Click to enlarge temporary heat requirement diagram

Download the application form

For more information call 612-342-5123 or toll-free 1-800-342-4166.