​​​​​​Natural Gas ​​​​​Ranges

Replacing your kitchen range and weighing your options?​

If you want better performance and lower energy bills, choose natural gas appliances for your cooking. 

  • Lower operating costs
  • Precise temperature control
  • Faster cooking

Further explore the benefits of natural gas ranges​:​ 

Operating Costs: Gas vs. Electric

Natural gas ranges generally cost 33 percent less to operate than electric models and prove superior to propane ranges by an even greater margin. If that sounds unbelievable, see for yourself:

Precise Temperature Control

Natural gas ranges provide precise temperature control and even heat, making them popular in both home kitchens and fine restaurants. Natural gas burners provide the heat you need at the precise moment you need it!

Cook Meals Faster

Natural gas gives you instant on/off cooking. Electric ranges can take considerably longer to heat up to their desired temperature.

On the flip side, natural gas ranges cool down much quicker than their electric counterparts. Whether you need to reduce temperatures during cooking or have finished preparing your meal, you get greater control and safety with a natural gas range.

A Cleaner Environment

Choose a natural gas range and you’re not only helping yourself, but making a better decision for the environment. Natural gas appliances have half the carbon footprint of electric models.

Note to Consumers: There are currently no ENERGY STAR qualifications for residential ovens or ranges (commercial ovens only).