​​​​Permit Requirements

Planning ahead for natural gas service can help builders and developers avoid out-of-season charges and keep fall and winter projects on track. To help ensure projects run smoothly, CenterPoint Energy offers these guidelines. If you have questions, call the Builders Hotline at 612-342-5123 (1-800-342-4166).

How to keep your timeline and budget on track

plan ahead and keep your project on trackA simple guideline is to send in your gas service application at the same time you submit your application for electric service to the electric company. From the time a project begins at CenterPoint En​ergy, it takes approximately five weeks to process through CenterPoint Energy's engineering and design areas. Depending on the project's location, permits may then be required, which can add the following amounts of time until construction can begin. Keep in mind, these turnaround times are estimates. Turnaround times can vary based on the busyness of the season and complexity of the project.

 City permits
 Four weeks ​
 County permits
 Two months
 State highway permits
 Three months