Natural Gas Service Line Installation

Your home buyers will appreciate the advantages we offer, including safe, dependable natural gas service, great value, convenient services, and a clean, efficient energy source. Our natural gas service line installations are fast, convenient and available almost any time of the year - even during the coldest winter months. Count on us for convenient scheduling, on-time service completion, safe, reliable installation and joint trenching for multiple utilities.

Installation in four easy steps 

  1. Call our New Construction Hotline at 612-342-5123 or 800-342-4166 as soon as you receive your building permit and know the meter location and gas loads. Complete the application for Natural Gas Service (PDF). Mail or fax the completed application to:
  2. CenterPoint Energy
    New Construction
    PO Box 1165
    700 West Linden Avenue
    Minneapolis, MN 55440-1165

    Fax: 612-321-5573 or 800-365-9188

  3. We will send you a letter confirming the information you provided about your project and setting a preliminary date for service line installation. You will receive this approximately four weeks prior to your installation date.

    Please allow additional time for processing your application for the following conditions:

    • Service line is located on a county road (2-4) weeks
    • Service line is located on a state highway (up to 3 months)
    • Service line requires an easement (4 weeks)
    • Other special requirements 

  4. Make sure the service line installation route is site-ready. This should be done at least two weeks before the scheduled installation start date. See site-readiness checklist. This will allow sufficient time for Gopher State One Call to mark existing underground facilities.

  5. CenterPoint Energy or an authorized contractor will install the natural gas service line and meter. If you need to change your scheduled installation week or meter location, please call our Hotline: 612-342-5123 or 800-342-4166.

Service line requirements

  • Minimum of 3 from property line (unless easement exists)
  • 6 from building structure, if line will be parallel to it
  • Approximately 8 from buried fuel tanks (varies by municipality)
  • 10 from wells and septic tanks
  • Installed in a straight line perpendicular to gas main
  • Conduit crossings must be installed prior to service line installation (if applicable)