​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Natural Gas Outdoor Lights

Light fixtures containing gas flames on both sides of a front door.

Enjoy elegant natural-gas lighting for your sidewalk, driveway, entryway, yard, deck, patio or pool area. Exterior gas lights create a warm, classic touch and they cost little to operate.​

Natural gas outdoor lights give you:

  • ​​​Soft, inviting glow with no harsh glare
  • Energy savings – an automated exterior lighting system can save 50 percent on lighting energy costs
  • Low operating costs – it only costs about a penny an hour to operate*
  • Peace of mind – today's gas light fixtures automatically cut off gas flow when the flame is extinguished 

​*dependent on current natural gas prices

Your family, guests and neighbor​s will all enjoy the safe, beautiful illumination from your natural gas outdoor lights.