Natural Gas Main Installation Guidelines

We've got the connection you need to energize your developments and help keep them on track. Our natural gas main installations are fast, and available almost any time of the year - even during the coldest winter months. Count on us for easy scheduling, on-time service completion, safe, reliable installation and joint trenching for multiple utilities.

Installation in four easy steps

We recommend that builders/developers apply for natural gas main installation as soon as they obtain their building permit to ensure timely, convenient installation. ​​

1. E-mail your completed New Residential Natural Gas Main Request and a preliminary plat in an AutoCad or PDF file to

2.  A sales consultant will contact you once your application and plat are received.  Please be ready to provide the following information:

  • Contact person who will receive the new gas main installation contract.
    Note: Your project will be submitted for design of the main installation only after a signed copy of the agreement has been received.
  • Location of city sewer and water or well and septic.
  • City or town, and site location if not indicated on the plat.
  • Whether you'll need joint trench utility installation. See joint trench utility installation.
  • Site-readiness date.  See location requirements for natural gas installations.
  • Estimated date you will need the gas main installed.

If your project is not located near an existing gas main, or if it involves wells and septic systems, they may be a charge for main installation.  Your new construction sales consultant will discuss this information with you and inform you of any charges or if special permits will be required prior to installation.  Please plan to include your New Construction Sales Consultant in your pre-construction meetings.

Planning your timeline

Allow at least five weeks, plus permitting time, in your planning cycle for us to map your development, design the installation, and install it. 

Here are some general guidelines for obtaining permits:

  • Up to 3 months for state highways
  • 2 to 4 weeks for county roads
  • Approximately 2 weeks for city streets

Out-of-season charges

Even in the winter months, we offer natural gas main installation.  During the off season, we use special equipment and extra care to install gas mains so you get dependable, cost-effective natural gas.  The following charges may apply.

Out-of-season dates:   November 1 to March 31*

Out-of-season charges:  $2 per foot.  An additional $204 per burner per day will be assessed if a frost burner is needed.

*Dates are reviewed annually and are subject to change.

You can avoid out-of-season charges for natural gas main installations if you meet these requirements:

  • Application is received by September 15.
  • Site ready by October 1.

3. Make sure the installation route is site-ready at least two weeks before the scheduled installation start date. See site-readiness checklist.  This will allow sufficient time for Gopher State One Call to mark existing underground facilities.

4. CenterPoint Energy or an authorized contractor will install the natural gas main.  If you need to change your system design or scheduled installation week, contact your ​new construction sales consultant.