Emergency Standby Generator Transfer Switch Approval Application

Emergency standby generators can provide you with an extra sense of security during hurricane season and when power outages occur. At CenterPoint Energy, we understand that an emergency standby generator can be a convenient source of power for your home or business. However, it is very important that an emergency standby generator be properly installed and used safely.

Emergency standby generators use a transfer switch (ATS) to disconnect from utility service in the event of an outage and to reconnect utility service once power is restored. For your safety and the safety of our employees, the ATS for all generator installations must be reviewed and approved by CenterPoint Energy prior to installation. This is to ensure the proper documentation is reviewed and that the proper service disconnection type is identified before the ATS is installed.

It is the customers responsibility to submit a request for approval of the ATS to CenterPoint Energy. To apply, simply follow the steps below. If you are working with a generator dealer, licensed electrician or other licensed contractor for the generator installation, they can assist in obtaining the needed documentation for approval.  

How to apply:

To apply for a generator installation in your home or place of business, please send your request with required documentation to: ATS.Approvals@centerpointenergy.com

The ATS mailbox is monitored Monday-Friday during normal business hours. When your request is received, a response is typically provided within approximately two business days

Your request must include the following information:

  • Electrician name and license number
  • Electrical one-line diagram (Click here to view sample) that includes:
    • Meter
    • Generator
    • All load panels
    • ATS specifications
  • Manufacturer and model and/or catalog number of the ATS and generator
  • Customer name, address and email

Please note: If any of these required details are missing, your request may be rejected.

Once the ATS has been approved, you can proceed with the final stages of installing and connecting the generator to your homes electric service. Please follow the steps below to complete the installation. 

Before the approved generator is installed:

  1. Your electrician or installing contractor will ask the customer to request a temporary disconnect. To request the temporary disconnect call your retail electric provider or CenterPoint Energy.
  2. If the incorrect request is received, CenterPoint Energy will require the customer to request a new transaction.
  3. The electrician or installing contractor must wait until CenterPoint Energy has completed the temporary disconnect before beginning work.
  4. The customer must request a reconnect after all work is complete by calling either your retail electric provider or CenterPoint Energy.

Please note: A permit is required in most of the CenterPoint Energy territory. The city and/or county where the property is located can advise if a permit is required.  

The CenterPoint Energy Distribution Reliability group reserves the right to inspect any generator installation in the field and require corrections before approved for further use.