Natural Gas Meter Installation


At CenterPoint Energy, we're committed to meeting your service deadlines, but we need your help. Before a natural gas meter can be installed, the following guidelines must be met at your home site. For future reference, please print this page and keep it with your other construction standards.

  • There must be an obstruction-free zone from 3 feet to the right of the house line stub to 4 feet to the left of the house line stub, or within 3 feet above this location. For everyone's safety, no objects, structures, fixtures or devices which could be a possible source of ignition, or path for migration of gas into the building, or otherwise interfere with the meter installation, are allowed in this area.
  • When facing the meter location, the house line stub out must be 18 inches to the right of the service line riser, threaded, extending from the finished wall 3 to 4 inches, and be 30 inches above the ultimate finished grade.
  • The address (number & street) must be posted and visible from the street.
  • For safety reasons, gas outlets, including the fireplace valve, can not be located near electrical outlets.
  • The service / yard line must be installed.
  • A house line inspection, if required, must be performed by the proper authority, and the Occupancy Permit Approval must be delivered to the CenterPoint Energy Inspection Department.
  • CenterPoint Energy service personnel will not set a meter unless gas piping has been installed according to all applicable codes. It is your responsibility to know the codes and comply with them.
  • Appliances should be connected when the meter is set or the outlets should have a valve and be plugged. If the outlets are capped off without valves and plugs, the meter will be set and locked in the off position.

Homebuilders may request service either online in the Builder Portal or by calling 713-207-4370 or 1-888-575-3094, or by fax to 713-207-4340.

Call CenterPoint Energy Customer Service at 713-659-2111 or 1-800-752-8036 to have your meter turned on or to request a Read & Transfer upon the sale of the house.

Important safety information

  • Call 713-223-4567 or 1-800-669-8344 48 hours before any excavation work to have underground facilities located.
  • Call 713-659-2111 to report broken gas lines.