​​Commercial Natural Gas Energy 
Audit Program


Get expert advice

When you need to take control of your energy costs, turn to the experts. Schedule a Natural Gas Energy Audit and a qualified energy auditor, selected by CenterPoint Energy, will provide you with an in-depth evaluation of your facility and natural gas energy use. These recommendations will help you discover immediate and long-term energy-saving actions and equipment improvement measures you can implement to reduce your energy consumption and lower your costs.

Low cost, big value

Valued at approximately $2,000, the Natural Gas Energy Audit is available to customers for just $200 per meter (maximum of two buildings). The audit will help you gain immediate benefits by making simple recommended operating adjustments or you can make substantial changes to gain long-term-benefits for years to come. When you implement our energy-saving recommendations as part of the CenterPoint Energy High Efficiency Natural Gas Equipment Rebate Program, you can help reduce your initial equipment costs and provide a faster payback on your energy investment.

What happens during a natural gas energy audit?

CenterPoint Energy's selected independent and qualified auditor will conduct an energy analysis of your facility. The auditor will:

1. Analyze your facility's recent natural gas use, (excluding industrial processing load).



2. Work with you to identify specific issues and needs.



 3. Thoroughly inspect your facility, from the building envelope, insulation and installed natural gas equipment, to how you currently operate this equipment.



 4. Provide a detailed written report with specific energy-saving recommendations, including:
  • Estimated costs to implement the improvements
  • Projected energy savings
  • Potential CenterPoint Energy rebates
  • Estimated payback period of changes made


Many industries can benefit

Small- to mid-sized operations, such as schools, churches, restaurants, multi-family housing and a host of commercial facilities* can all benefit from the practical, hands-on solutions provided by a natural gas audit. You'll gain immediate benefits by learning about simple operating adjustments or equipment upgrades you can make for tangible, energy-saving results.

A report you can really use

Your final report will include in-depth details as well as an executive summary of our findings.

You'll have at your fingertips:

  • A complete list of your existing natural gas and related energy equipment and energy consumption.
  • An energy plan that identifies opportunities for natural gas energy savings including high-efficiency equipment comparisons and recommend​ed upgrades.
  • Projected energy savings for specific improvements.
  • Estimated payback time for each suggested improvement. 
  • Detailed information about CenterPoint Energy's rebate programs and other financial assistance designed to help offset initial costs associated with specific energy improvements.

Rebates - another way to save on energy costs

CenterPoint Energy's rebate programs offer a number of ways to help you lower the up-front costs of installing new or replacing aging equipment with high-efficiency natural gas models.

Rebates are available for the following equipment:

Learn more about CenterPoint Energy rebates now.

Request your Natural Gas Energy Audit today and start saving sooner. Call 1-888-498-0409 or email ArkansasEfficiency@CenterPointEnergy.com

* The Commercial Natural Gas Audit Program is not intended for large volume customers that use natural gas for industrial processes; however, in some cases, it is possible to analyze the facility's building envelope and natural gas space heating load. Contact the program administrator at 1-888-498-0409 for more information.​