Unrecorded or unlocated easements

We can help research utility easements

Sometimes there are areas where easements are unrecorded or cannot be located. Many of the easements granted are contained in plats or first deeds out of a subdivision or may be described as "easements for utility purposes." Some of these easements may not be recorded at all but are still valid under Texas law if they have utility facilities located in them.

If this is your situation, please allow CenterPoint Energy to assist you before you finalize construction plans.

If you see utility facilities in place, and your title search does not reveal a utility easement, or if you are building in an area where utility easements would normally be found, such as adjacent to an alley way, contact CenterPoint Energy.

Information on unrecorded easements will be provided at no cost to the requestor; however, easements that are of "public record" will be at the cost shown on the Research Request Form*.

To obtain information on unrecorded or hard to find easements please provide:

  •  A completed Research Request Form
  • Map, plat or survey sketch of the property
  • Name address and telephone number of the requestor
  • Street address of property being affected by the easement

Mail to:

CenterPoint Energy
Surveying & Right-of-Way
P.O. Box 1700
Houston, TX 77251

Courier Address:
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713-207-9040 (FAX)

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