Keynote: Ch-ch-changes: The US Energy Landscape

US LNG export capacity is about to quadruple, while domestic natural gas production is booming. Despite low storage levels, natural gas prices remain in check - but for how long? With natural gas rising in the generation mix and industrial demand climbing, there is plenty to consider as the US shifts to being the largest player in the global natural gas market. As the US energy landscape changes - and swiftly - this presentation will assess the key factors impacting energy markets - both now and into the future.

Keynote Speaker: Matt Smith, Director of Commodity Research, ClipperData

Smith specializes in extracting key themes from technical and fundamental analysis of the global energy market, and communicating these through daily and weekly deliverables. He also provides oil and natural gas analysis and commentary to national and international media outlets that include CNBC, Fox Business, Russia 24, the Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, AFP, Bloomberg, Reuters and the Oil Daily.

Prior to joining ClipperData, Smith worked for eight years at Schneider Electric / Summit Energy as a Global Commodity Analyst, where he also founded and authored the blog, EnergyBurrito. He started his career at the Royal Bank of Canada in the UK, spending eight years with the bank. During that time, he managed $55 million in assets as a portfolio manager and financial analyst.

Session Descriptions

Track 1 Session 1

Getting Boiler Operators Started

Presenter: Reed Sprung, CEO, Sprung Services

Short on boiler operators? Here is a step-by-step solution. Learn about legal requirements, new code requirements, overcoming objections from employees and all the advantages of employing a qualified boiler operator.

Track 1 Session 2

Industrial Natural Gas Savings and How MnTAP Can Help

Presenter: Laura Babcock, Director, MnTAP

Learn about best practices of an industrial steam trap audit and how it can save your facility money and energy as well as other natural gas-saving initiatives for industrial operations. You’ll also learn how your business may be able to address waste reduction and energy efficiency projects faster with the help of the MnTAP Intern Program. Hear details about a program designed to help you improve efficiency, save money, reduce waste, or decrease regulatory compliance burden and how you can participate.

Track 2 Session 1

Are You Ready for ISO 50001?

Presenter: Sandy Glatt, Manufacturing Office Program Manager, U.S. Department of Energy

Using energy more efficiently helps organizations save money as well as helping to conserve resources. ISO 50001 supports organizations in all sectors to use energy more efficiently, through the development of an energy management system (EnMS). Learn what the steps and requirements are and the framework of requirements for organizations to develop a policy for more efficient use of energy, fix targets and objectives to meet the policy, use data to better understand and make decisions about energy use, measure the results, review how well the policy works, and continually improve energy management.

Track 2 Session 2

Exploring New Natural Gas Technologies

Presenter: Ryan Kerr, Emerging Technologies Manager, End Use Solutions, Gas Technology Institute

The pace of product development and commercialization across natural gas powered standby and emergency power, packaged combined heat and power, and super high efficiency HVAC equipment has accelerated in recent years. The lower life cycle costs, unmatched resiliency, and environmental benefits offered by new technologies fuel the interest of end users and equipment manufacturers alike. Laboratory and field research results will be presented for the most promising products across all three categories, highlighting equipment performance, customer benefits, and the best applications for your business operations.

Track 3 Session 1

Back-up System Maintenance, Requirements, and Recommendations for Dual Fuel Systems

Presenter: Boyden Kneen, General Manager, Utility Energy Systems

Hear the latest on back-up system maintenance for propane and fuel oil systems, fuel quality and preventative maintenance, new regulations, and requirements of switching to firm rate.

Track 3 Session 2

Natural Gas Safety Best Practices

Presenters: Chris Serritslev, Area Manager, Keith Novy, Manager Damage Prevention, Steve Olinger, MN Public Awareness Specialist, and Jake Parenteau, Area Manager, CenterPoint Energy

Mike Bokenewicz, Yale Mechanical

Gain a deeper understanding of best safety and maintenance practices for your natural gas distribution systems. You’ll learn the basics of natural gas service lines and what types of lines are used where, typical maintenance protocols, what equipment is CenterPoint Energy’s and what is the customers responsibility, the difference between meter pressure and delivery pressure, pressure testing, how to increase capacity, elevated delivery pressure considerations, how to work on piping safely, and more.