​Keynote Part 1:

State of the Utility

District Director
CenterPoint Energy

Hear how CenterPoint Energy is investing in our infrastructure, keeps natural gas flowing and is addressing any reliability concerns, and how we are keeping our natural gas infrastructure secure.

Keynote Part 2:

Natural Gas – Providing a Sustainable Low-Carbon Future

Director of State and Consumer Programs
Gas Technology Institute (GTI)

Natural gas is delivered to over 68 million homes and 5.6 million commercial and industrial customers across the United States providing clean, low-cost and reliable energy. Today, natural gas is far and away the low-cost option for space and water heating as well as industrial processes including glass, steel and aluminum manufacturing as well as a variety of heat treating applications. Almost all natural gas used in the United States is produced domestically and the outlook is positive for many decades of supply. Learn how natural gas technologies continue to be developed and improved to increase efficiency and reduce emissions for residential, commercial and industrial energy consumers and how natural gas will be part of a diverse energy future that includes expanded roles for energy efficiency and renewables. 

Track 1

Session 1

Pumps and Piping…Innovative Ways to Increase Your Overall System Efficiency and Gas-Fired Boilers

We will take a comprehensive look at commonly found piping and pumping strategies and how they play into the overall efficiency of your gas-fired hot water heating system. The different variations of piping and pumping practices will be explored showing how minor modifications and control changes can increase building efficiency and comfort while decreasing boiler maintenance.

Presenter: Joe Mozeika, Application Specialist, Mulcahy Co.

Session 2

How Does CenterPoint Energy Get Natural Gas to Your Meter?

Hear about the options for getting natural gas to your meter including as purchases from suppliers for system supply customers and transportation services for third-party marketers and what it means to the customer.

Presenter: Matt Dean, Energy Sales Manager, CenterPoint Energy

Track 2

Session 1

The Next Generation of Smart Controls

Honeywell Building Solutions will discuss how the internet of things has had a significant impact on the way that commercial buildings are being enabled - namely smart solutions to manage and monitor gas use - and how the information gathered from a connected building empowers building owners and facility managers. These data-driven insights can more effectively breakdown and control gas costs as well as cut down on related maintenance calls.

Presenter: Dan Ritch, VP of Connected Services, Honeywell Building Solutions

Session 2

Are you saving energy where you can?

Learn how CenterPoint Energy's Natural Gas Energy Analysis program can help you take a magnified glass to your facility to find ways for you to save energy using the different levels of analyses, ad hoc offerings including the steam trap survey, and free direct install component of the program. You'll also hear relatable case studies that demonstrate real savings.

Presenter: Charlotte Currier, Project Manager, Energy Insight, Inc.

Track 3

Session 1

Natural Gas Solutions for the Industrial Process Industry

Learn what you can do in your industrial facility to improve overall operating efficiency while taking advantage of our Process Efficiency Program and Industrial Process Study Program. You'll learn unique benefits offered by the two programs, hear real life, applicable examples and hear about the rebate programs and services available from CenterPoint Energy.

Presenters: Chandan Rao, PE, President, Graphet Data Mining and Tom Tucker, Founder and Principal, Kinergetics LLC

Session 2

Micro-Scale Carbon Capture Technology for the Natural Gas Heating Industry

Explore how this new and emerging technology captures carbon dioxide from flue gases and converts the gas into a profitable byproduct; provides energy recovery from flue gases through the chemical reaction used to capture the carbon (up to 20% reduction in energy use); and how the ROI includes the energy savings and the profits from selling the byproduct (carbonates).

Presenter: Jaeson Cardiff, CEO/Co-Founder, Clean O2

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