Natural Gas Service Line Installation Guidelines

At CenterPoint Energy, we're committed to meeting your service deadlines, but we need your help. Avoid delays by ensuring your project meets our service specifications. Before a natural gas service line can be installed, the following guidelines must be met at your home or building site.

  • All necessary permits must be obtained from the proper authorities prior to installation of a service line.
  • The house or building must be piped before requesting a service line. The service line will be installed approximately 15 working days from the date the service line was requested.
  • There must be an obstruction-free, eight-foot wide service pathway from the gas main line to the meter loop location. All trash bins, construction materials, etc. must be cleared from this area.
  • The address (number & street) must be posted and visible from the street.

Call the Dig Safely line at 1-800-482-8998 at least 48 hours before any excavation work to have underground facilities located.