​​Natural gas hook-up in 10 easy steps​​

Converting to natural gas is simple. Here's how it works!

  1. If you have questions or need additional information, call us at 612-342-5123 (1-800-342-4166).
  2. If you want to have natural gas service installed, complete and return the Natural Gas Service Request form to CenterPoint Energy. Be sure to include the legal description of your property. You can email the signed form to NewConstructionServices@CenterPointEnergy.com.

    We're available by phone, Monday through Friday at 612-342-5123 or 
    1-800-342-4166 to provide more information, including:
    • Converting appliances to natural gas
    • Installation requirements
    • Convenient financing

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  1. ​​Send your Natural Gas Service Request to CenterPoint Energy before September 15, to guarantee natural gas installation before the end of the year.
  2. We will confirm your order when we receive it.
  3. After receiving confirmation of your order, contact the heating/plumbing contractor of your choice to arrange for estimates to convert to natural gas.
  4. If your present fuel is propane, contact your supplier and ask about their pump-out and tank removal policy. This will help you determine when your will  want  your propane appliances converted to natural gas.
  5. A few days before we install your service line, CenterPoint Energy will contact your electric, telephone and cable television companies to locate any of their lines buried on your property and to mark them with spray paint or flags. When you see the utility markings, please stake out or mark your septic system drain field, sewer lines, sprinkler system lines, sump pump extensions, electric lines, invisible fences, water wells, buried fuel lines or other owner-buried lines on your property.
  6. Place a stake marked "gas meter" in the ground where you want the gas meter installed. Note the meter location in the space provided on the Natural Gas Service Request Form. If your present fuel is propane, we recommend placing the gas meter as close as possible to the spot the propane piping enters the house.
  7. Our crews will install your service line shortly after the utility lines are marked. We will install the first 75 feet at no cost if you are converting  your furnace or boiler to natural gas. A $4 per foot charge will be applied for footage over 75 feet, or for the entire service line length if a furnace or boiler is not the primary source of heat, or if the heat pump is used in conjunction with a gas furnace.
  8. Relax and enjoy the low-cost comfort of clean-burning natural gas!
*CenterPoint Energy and our representatives are not responsible for damage to these items if they are not clearly marked at time of installation.