​​​​LED streetlights

Save money, boost visibility and enjoy cleaner air​

CenterPoint Energy partners with a growing list of Texas communities, converting traditional lighting to LED (light-emitting diode) street lights. We’re busy installing LED lights in places like Houston, where we will complete this year a ​five-year conversion project.

How do LED street lights compare to traditional lighting?

  • ​Use about 50 percent less energy
  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions by 5 percent
  • Last significantly longer, with less maintenance
  • Perform better, directing light to intended areas
  • Reduce light pollution
LED street lights save money, increase safety and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. See a real-life example of these benefits below, or check our LED conversion FAQs​.

Houston LED Conversion Project

We’ve converted 80 percent of Houston’s 173,000 city lights to light-emitting diode (LED) street lamps. We expect the city’s consumption of electricity to be reduced by about 70 million kilowatt hours annually – enough to power 5,400 local homes for one year! This initiative is a key part of Houston’s air quality and greenhouse gas emission reduction goals.

The City of Houston and CenterPoint Energy have long been regarded as national leaders in energy efficiency and technology, but this massive project is being used as an example, worldwide. Through energy efficiency programs and support of partnerships like this, we’re committed to promoting safe, reliable, affordable, efficient and environmentally responsible use of energy.

​​​LED Lights in your home or business

We offer discounts when you buy LED lamps with the ENERGY STAR label. If you want to save even more money and energy, browse our Electric Efficiency Programs and follow CenterPoint Energy on Facebook and Twitter for easy tips.  
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