The Gas Advantage Multi-Family Program Requirements

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To help promote the use of natural gas in multi-family developments, CenterPoint Energy will extend natural gas main lines, service lines and meters to serve buildings, if the developer will meet the following requirements.

The developer:

  • Agrees to install a year-around natural gas appliance, such as a gas water heater, in each residence.
  • Agrees to pipe each residential unit in the development to allow for individual metering of gas use per unit by CenterPoint Energy.
  • Provides the ability for CenterPoint Energy to use the company’s normal and typical construction standards in installing the gas infrastructure.
  • Allows the use of the “recorded” site plan as submitted for the design of gas infrastructure.
  • Approves the CenterPoint Energy Engineering Department layout based upon the recorded site plan.

Any changes in the site plan or property layout will result in a re-evaluation and possible added costs for the installation of gas infrastructure and/or reduction in qualifying incentives.