​Save Energy & Money

... and still stay comfortable in your home​

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​Natural gas is your best energy value. Browse all of these areas to learn how CenterPoint Energy and clean-burning, efficient natural gas can help you save energy and money... and still stay comfortable. ​

Managing Energy Costs

Learn about the many ways you can stay comfortable with natural gas while keeping energy costs low.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Seven out of ten homeowners in the U.S. stay cozy each heating season with natural gas. Learn about the many ways you can use efficient natural gas throughout your home. It's your best energy value for more than just home heating.

Natural Gas Prices

Get information about the factors that affect natural gas prices, how to understand your natural gas bill, and more.

Moving? Building? Remodeling?

If you are making a move, be sure to check out our resources to make the transition easier. View our building and remodeling checklists, sign up for account services, find out which builders build with natural gas and more.