​Custom Energy Analysis

A Lesson in Energy Savings

Custom Energy Analysis​Keeping students and staff warm and comfortable at Centerville Elementary School is a top priority for the school district and building and maintenance staff. Keeping energy costs manageable also ranks high on the priority list.

That’s why Robert Cierzan, Independent School District 12’s building and grounds supervisor requested a CenterPoint Energy Custom Energy Analysis. “I was curious about the efficiency of our buildings and wanted more information about how we could maximize our energy budget,” he said. “Going through the analysis process was definitely worth the time.”

If all recommendations are implemented, Centerville Elementary could realize energy savings of up to 50 percent annually. CenterPoint Energy provides a host of rebates for new high efficiency equipment and upgrades to help offset the upfront costs and provide for a faster payback.

The Centerville, Minn., school plans to make a few changes immediately. “We found the recommendations on carbon monoxide sensors and boiler cut-out controls especially valuable. These simple changes will begin to save us money quickly,” added Cierzan. “And, we’ll definitely look at more high efficiency equipment when it comes time to replace our equipment.”

For now, they plan to reap the rebate rewards for steam traps and a boiler tune-up. The school is also looking at long-term efficiency and savings and is considering implementing other recommendations down the road.

As Centerville Elementary learned in their energy “lesson,” high efficiency equipment, regular maintenance and a few simple changes to existing equipment could earn them high marks for their energy efficiency.

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