Commercial Load Management Program​​​​

Large Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Program​​

Commercial Load Management ProgramReduce summer peak demand and improve the energy efficiency of large commercial and industrial facilities with CenterPoint Energy’s Commercial Load Management Program.

  • Program available to non-residential distribution, government, educational institutions and non-profit customers
  • Earn up to $31.50 per kW of verified curtailed load each year of participation.
  • Availability period for curtailments is limited to June 1 through September 30, 1-7 p.m. on weekdays, excluding federal holidays
  • Participants are required to be capable of curtailing at least 100 kW.
  • Participant must be equipped with an Interval Data Recorder or Smart Meter.

Commercial Customers Commit to

  • ​Curtail load when provided 30 minute notification.
  • One-year commitment, but there are no penalties if opt out of the program at an earlier time.
  • ​A maximum of six (6) curtailments each year: A maximum of two (2) scheduled curtailments lasting one to three hours in duration each, plus a maximum of four (4) unscheduled curtailments lasting up to four hours each in duration during each year of participation.