The Gas Advantage Multi-Family Program Benefits

See Why Gas is Becoming the First Choice for Developments

Natural gas applicances

Participants in CenterPoint Energy’s Gas Advantage Multi-Family Program enjoy these benefits … and more:

Favorable Utility Allowances

Natural gas water heaters typically cost less to operate. By using natural gas water heating at your property, you may be able to take advantage of favorable utility allowances offered by local housing authorities to collect a greater percentage of allowable rents per unit. Natural gas space heating and cooking could increase the gas advantage even more.


Based on a financial feasibility study by CenterPoint Energy, incentives are available to help offset the cost of installing natural gas piping and appliances. Contact your CenterPoint Energy multi-family marketing representative for more details on incentive amounts. CenterPoint Energy will also waive construction costs for natural gas main extensions to qualifying properties and provide everything up to and including the meter at no additional cost.


You don’t need to be an expert on the many benefits of natural gas. As your single point of contact, CenterPoint Energy sales representatives will train your property management and leasing staff on up-selling the benefits of natural gas to prospective residents. We’ll also provide marketing materials that can be distributed to residents.

Cooperative Advertising

To help market your property, CenterPoint Energy provides cooperative advertising funds equal to 50 percent of the media costs, up to a total of $2,500 per property. Co-op advertising must prominently mention natural gas and include the CenterPoint Energy logo.*


Residents that save money and are more comfortable in their apartment home are happy residents. And happy residents stay longer, meaning less costly turnover at your property. Natural gas is today’s choice for a cleaner tomorrow.


Residents young and old are making lifestyle choices, such as where to live, based on the environmental impacts. Your residents can feel better knowing that natural gas is cleaner and more energy efficient than electricity. For example, a 250 unit property featuring natural gas water heating can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 419 metric tons versus a property using electricity to heat water.


*All cooperative ads must be approved by CenterPoint Energy prior to placement. Disbursement of cooperative funds is dependent upon receipt of media invoices and tear sheets, if applicable.