Customers are eligible to earn cash incentives based on the implementation of the measures identified in the analysis. The energy savings and the time it takes to implement the measures are factored in the calculation of the customer incentive.


This program is available to non-residential customers within the CenterPoint Energy Houston Electric service territory. Retro-Commissioning is offered to existing commercial buildings including manufacturing facilities, hospitals, educational campuses, and retail stores. To qualify, customers must install -- at their own expense -- specified low-cost measures to reduce operating and energy costs (i.e. Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning [HVAC] temperature reset, outside air reduction, optimized HVAC start-up, adjust LED lighting schedules, etc.)

  • A technical energy analysis (comparable to an ASHRAE Level 2 audit) is performed on your facility at NO cost to Owner, by a qualified RCx agent (engineering consulting firm specializing in your market segment). A list of qualified RCx agents can be provided by the CenterPoint Energy Program Manager. 
  • Projects must be completed by approved project deadlines, typically within 2 years. 
  • Facilities should have a higher-than-average energy consumption. 
  • The optional Monitoring Based Commissioning (MBCx) track involves the use of hardware and software to commission buildings on a more frequent basis. MBCx includes the use of trending data to identify new energy savings opportunities and to investigate underperforming measures to improve persistence of savings.  
Terms and conditions apply.

Retro-Commissioning Case Studies

The Retro-Commissioning (RCx) Agents for the following case studies conducted on-site equipment assessment and testing during the Investigation Phase to:

  • Identify opportunities for energy savings
  • Estimate the economic potential
  • Define an implementation scope of work for the Houston Permitting Center to use as a guide for the Implementation Phase

AT&T Central Office Facility

Measures Implemented:

  • Schedule ahus
  • Reduce space overcooling
  • Optimize supply fan performance
  • Outside air reduction
  • Optimize chilled water plant

Results: Peak Demand Savings: 358.8 kW

  • Energy Savings: 1,913,406 kWh//yr
  • Project Cost: $62,470
  • Simple Payback: 0.6 year
  • Annual Usage % savings: 5%

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City of Houston Permitting Center

Measures Implemented:

  • Re-enable system schedule
  • Established Building Automation System (BAS) lighting controls
  • Installed occupancy sensors
  • Implemented automatic chilled water supply setpoint reset
  • Discontinued hot water pump operation during summer months

Results: Peak Demand Savings: 1.2 kW

  • Energy Savings:1,374,950 kWh/yr
  • Project Cost: $8,850
  • Simple Payback: 0.1 year
  • Annual Usage % savings: 27%

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Hyatt Regency

Measures Implemented:

  • Optimize chiller sequence
  • Optimize cooling tower VFDs

Results: Peak Demand Savings: 81.24 kW

  • Energy Savings: 944,509 kWh/yr
  • Project Cost: $8,400
  • Simple Payback: 0.1 year
  • Annual Usage % savings: 7%

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Klein Independent School District

Measures Implemented:

  • Optimization of air handleing units (AHUs)
  • Chiller/cooling towers and pumps
  • Scheduling
  • Heating lockout
  • OA reduction

Results: Peak Demand Savings: 488 kW

  • Energy Savings: 1,143,690 kWh/yr
  • Project Cost: $90,204
  • Simple Payback: 0.9 year
  • Annual Usage % savings: 5.9%

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CenterPoint Energy partners with a contractor to implement this program. As part of the program, a CenterPoint Energy Program Manager can help verify your eligibility, discuss documentation requirements, provide you with assistance and move your projects through to completion.

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