​​​​​Home Performance Audit​​ and Home Energy Squad

Find Out Where Your House is Losing Energy and Money​​​

A home energy audit offers a comprehensive in-depth energy analysis of your home to help you make the most of your energy dollar.

​How Energy Efficient is Your Home?

Know where your house is losing energy and what you can do to save money with a home energy audit. ​During your home energy audit, a certified energy auditor will:

  • ​Locate attic air leakage areas and assess weatherization opportunities.
  • Assess exterior walls, windows and doors.
  • Review heating and water heating equipment.
  • Check lighting and appliances.
  • Deliver a report detailing the energy-saving opportunities uncovered during the audit, along with your certified auditor's improvement recommendations.

Obtain detailed information for potential energy savings with a comprehensive in-depth technical analysis of your energy use to uncover hidden problems and includes specific suggestions for improvements.

Valuable services we provide:
  1. ​A blower door test to determine the general location of air leaks.
  2. Thermal image testing to further pinpoint the location of air leaks and moisture problems. Develop solutions to attic bypass air leaks, the elimination of ice dams and reduction of overall conditioned air loss and energy consumption through this scan.
  3. A combustion safety test and carbon monoxide (CO) check to determine if flue gasses might spill into the house under similar conditions. CO levels will also be measured, if present.*

  4. *Tests cannot be performed on all heating systems.



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You choose which home visit works for you:

Home Performance Audit

This is a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of your home. A professional energy auditor will conduct an inspection of your home*, which includes, as applicable:

  • Blower door test
  • Combustion safety test
  • Carbon monoxide check
  • Attic and wall insulation inspection
  • Thermal image testing

You'll receive a detailed report with the auditor's findings and recommendations on how you can increase the efficiency and comfort of your home and potentially reduce your energy costs. You will also recieve rebate information and a one-on-one consultation on potential energy-saving projects.

You are under no obligation to make the suggested improvements, and you can trust our auditor to be objective.

*Offer available for Minnesota customers

Home Energy Squad

This home visit includes professional installation of energy-saving measures in your home that may include:

  • Programmable thermostats
  • Door and attic hatch weatherstripping
  • LED bulbs*
  • Energy-saving showerhead and faucet aerators
  • Six feet of pipe insulation
  • Water heater insulation

*LED bulbs only available to Xcel Energy electric customers.

Basic Home Energy Audit

A professional energy auditor will visit your home and conduct a visual inspection to determine energy-saving opportunities. You'll receive a report detailing the auditor's findings and recommendations as well as rebate information for natural gas appliances.

Program costs:

Home Visit TypeCost

​Home Performance Audit +  Home Energy Squad combined visit

​$100 -- our best value!

​Home Performance Audit​$100
​Home Energy Squad ​$70
​Basic Audit ​$25


 *FREE Home Energy Squad visits are available to income-qualified households.

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