​​​​​Project Status - Shakopee - West Vierling Drive​​​​

8/5/2016 Update

Crews from CenterPoint Energy finished the gas inspection that took place at CenterPoint Energy’s Shakopee regulator station during the weeks of June 20 to July 1.

Residents in the area were notified via letter and email updates. Crews have moved out of the site, which is located at the corner of W. Vierling Drive and Adams Street S.

CenterPoint Energy wants to thank the residents for their patience. For more information about the W. Vierling Drive project, please visit our website. Thank you.​

6/15/2016 Update

What will CenterPoint Energy be doing?

Crews from CenterPoint Energy will be performing inspection work on a natural gas pipeline that is located at the intersection of W. Vierling Drive and Adams Street S. The inspection may involve a natural gas flare between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

A natural gas flare is a controlled burning of gas during the maintenance process.

The project will begin the week of June 20 and is anticipated to last until the week of July 1.

What will this mean for Shakopee residents?

Residents nearby should not experience any construction or traffic obstruction related to this work. However they may hear a loud noise and see the flare as the inspection work is performed.

For more details on what the project entails, see the Map of Construction Area and the Customer Letter on the Project Description page​.​