Project Status - Minneapolis - East Hennepin Avenue​

Crews from Michels Corporation, an authorized CenterPoint Energy contractor, will begin construction on CenterPoint Energy’s E. Hennepin Avenue project this Monday, April 16. The project is scheduled to end by early July 2018. Below are the construction details:

  • For the duration of the project, there will be at least one lane open on E. Hennepin Avenue, which is a one-way street. More than one lane may be closed at different times in different places along E. Hennepin Avenue, depending on the crews’ progress. Regardless of the closures, drivers will always be able to go northeast on E. Hennepin Avenue.
  • Residents and businesses will always have foot access to and from their locations. The sidewalks will be left open on either side of E. Hennepin Avenue. The entrances to the parking lots near the construction route will not be blocked.
  • For the duration of the project, the crews will close the southernmost parking lane (going northeast) on E. Hennepin Avenue from 2nd Street to University Avenue. The bike lane on the Hennepin Avenue Bridge will have signage to tell bikers to merge with car lanes.
  • For the next two or three weeks, the crews will also close part of the intersection of E. Hennepin Avenue and 2nd Street. Drivers will be able to go northeast on E. Hennepin Avenue, but they can’t turn right onto 2nd Street from E. Hennepin Avenue. Detour signs will be posted on site, leading drivers to University Avenue, Bank Street and Lourdes Place.
  • Crews fro​m Mortenson Company will be working concurrently while crews from CenterPoint Energy will be performing construction. Mortenson Company will be building a 26-story apartment tower at 333 Hennepin Avenue, which is scheduled to be complete in August 2019. For more information on that project, please visit their website here


Where, when, and why is CenterPoint Energy performing construction?

Beginning on Monday, April 16, and ending within early July 2018, CenterPoint Energy’s contractor, Michels Corporation, will be replacing natural gas mains and connecting natural gas service lines to the installed mains in Minneapolis along the following streets:

  • E. Hennepin Avenue from Nicollet Island to 5th Street SE
  • Central Avenue from E. Hennepin Avenue to 6th Street SE
  • 5th Street SE from the Northstar Line – BNSF Railroad to E. Hennepin Avenue
  • Main Street SE from the 1st Avenue Bridge to E. Hennepin Avenue
  • On N​icollet Island, Wilder Street and Merriam Street from E. Hennepin Avenue to Nicollet Island Pavilion

CenterPoint Energy’s work will be done in coordination with Hennepin County’s “Hennepin Avenue NE Concrete Rehabilitation” project, which will begin after July 4, 2018; and with the City of Minneapolis’s paving project on 5th Street NE. For more information on the county’s and city’s projects, please visit their respective websites below:

What are the estimated traffic impacts?

  • Access on E. Hennepin Avenue will be maintained for the duration of the project. Local businesses will have access to their properties at all times. Pedestrian traffic will be maintained.
  • If the crews need to perform work on the weekends, they may need to place partial closures on the side streets.
  • Construction will occur in segments along the construction route, rather than all at once. Lane restrictions are anticipated in areas where active construction is occurring and are necessary to keep both the public and construction personnel safe.
  • Frequ​ent updates will be provided on this Project Status page.

How may the natural gas service line installations affect customers?

As part of this main project, the crews will be replacing several natural gas service lines that connect from the main to the customer’s property. Customers will experience a short disruption of gas service as the crews are installing the gas service line.

Crews may have to dig in the ground on your property in the utility easement to complete the task of service and main distribution line replacement. If a customer’s property is disturbed, CNP will restore the hard and soft surfaces affected by construction at no cost to you.

What is CenterPoint Energy’s mission, and how can I contact CenterPoint Energy?

At CenterPoint Energy, we are committed to providing timely and relevant information to our customers and the general public to minimize inconvenience or disruption due to our construction activities. CNP has provided safe, clean and efficient natural gas service to Minnesota communities for more than 145 years. We are proud of this record and strive to improve it by educating the public about the benefits of natural gas at
For questions about the project, please call our Information Hotline at 612-321-5369 or our Communication Specialist at 612-321-5546. For questions about restoration (hard or soft surfaces) please call our Restoration Department at 612-321-5042. CenterPoint Energy wants to thank you for your patience.