​​Project Status - Minneapolis - 22nd Avenue S.

Construction is complete on CenterPoint Energy’s 22nd Avenue S. project in Minneapolis. Below are the construction details:

  • Project construction began on August 17, 2017, and was finished by the week of September 18, 2017.
  • Phase 1: Crews from Michels Corporation installed natural gas main along the northbound curb side of 22nd Avenue S. from E. Franklin Avenue to E 22nd Street.
  • Phase 2: Crews from Michels Corporation also connected natural gas service lines to the installed mains along the construction route.
  • Phase 3: Crews from Q3, an authorized CenterPoint Energy contractor, have restored the areas affected by CenterPoint Energy’s construction. The traffic signs associated with CenterPoint Energy’s work have been removed from the project site.

CenterPoint Energy wants to thank you for your patience during the construction process.​


What is CenterPoint Energy doing for construction?

Crews from CenterPoint Energy will begin replacing an existing natural gas pipeline in Minneapolis on Thursday, August 17, 2017. Project construction is expected to last for three weeks. (Frequent updates will be posted on this "Project Status" page.) Michels Corporation, an authorized CenterPoint Energy contractor, will begin installing natural gas mains along 22nd Avenue S. from E. Franklin Avenue to E. 22nd Street.

Lane restrictions are anticipated in areas where active construction is occurring. The lane restrictions are necessary to keep both the public and construction personnel safe.

Construction will happen in three phases:

  • Phase 1 is installing the natural gas distribution main.
  • Phase 2 is connecting the natural ga service lines to the new main along the same construction route. (A gas service line is a small-diameter pipe connecting the customer's gas service to the main line in the street.)
  • Phase 3 is restoring the areas affected by construction--typically the utility easement, the street, and the customer's yard.

How may construction affect customers?

As part of this main project, the crews will also be replacing several natural gas service lines that connect from the main to the customer's property. Customers will experience a short disruption of gas service as the crews are installing the gas service line. 

Crews may have to dig in the ground on your property in the utility easement to complete the task of service and main distribution line replacement. If a customer’s property is disturbed, CenterPoint Energy will restore the hard and soft surfaces affected by construction at no cost to you.

How can I contact CenterPoint Energy?

For questions about the project, please call our Information Hotline at 612-321-5369 or our Communication Specialist at 612-321-5546. For questions about restoration (hard or soft surfaces) please call our Restoration Department at 612-321-5042. CenterPoint Energy wants to thank you for your patience.