Project Status - Shreveport - Task 116


Where is CenterPoint Energy now?

Construction is finished on CenterPoint Energy’s Task 116 project. Crews from CenterPoint Energy have installed natural gas mains, connected natural gas service lines to the installed mains, and restored the areas affected by construction. See our update published below from March 21, 2017, for a list of the affected streets.​


Where is CenterPoint Energy now?

Crews from CenterPoint Energy have installed all the natural gas mains and connected natural gas service lines to the new mains on the Task 116 project. Currently the crews are restoring the concrete areas affected by construction. ​​


Where is CenterPoint Energy now?​

Crews from CenterPoint Energy are currently installing new natural gas mains and connecting natural gas service lines on Waters Place at this time.​


Where is CenterPoint Energy now?

The crews are currently installing natural gas mains on Waters Place.


What is CenterPoint Energy doing for construction?

Crews from CenterPoint Energy are replacing an existing natural gas pipeline in Shreveport. Project construction is expected to last until June 30. (Any changes in project dates will be noted on CenterPoint Energy’s website.) The crews will be installing natural gas mains along Alton Street, Curtis Lane, Lyba Street, Greenwood Lane, Westwood Park, Waters Place, Kitt Place, Ralph Place, Bethume Drive, and McDaniel Drive.

How may construction affect customers?

As part of this main project, the crews are also replacing several natural gas service lines that connect from the main to the customer’s property. Customers will experience a short disruption of gas service as the crews are installing the gas service line.

Crews may have to dig in the ground on your property in the utility easement to complete the task of service and main distribution line replacement. If a customer’s property is disturbed, CenterPoint Energy will restore the hard and soft surfaces affected by construction at no cost to you.

How can I contact CenterPoint Energy?

CenterPoint Energy wants to thank you for your patience. For questions about the project, please call Bobby Morgan at 318-429-4235. ​