​​​​​​​​​​​​Project Status - Shreveport - Sewer Project


CenterPoint Energy is replacing its natural gas lines in Shreveport, working behind the crews from the City of Shreveport’s sewer department, which is replacing its sewer lines in Shreveport.

Currently CenterPoint Energy’s crews are installing natural gas mains and connecting natural gas service lines to the mains in the areas of Cornell Drive, Livingston Avenue, Crescent Road and Booth Drive.​


CenterPoint Energy’s Sewer Project is continuing in the 2018 construction season, during which time the CenterPoint Energy crews will be replacing existing natural gas mains, installing new gas mains, and putting the existing gas mains out of service. This work will take place in Shreveport. The areas where the crews will work in Shreveport will change frequently. Currently the crews are working on W. Canal Boulevard and Marquette Street. ​


Crews from CenterPoint Energy are progressing in construction on the Sewer Project in Shreveport. Below are the construction details:

  • The crews are continuing to work in the Alton Street and Linwood Avenue areas. The Phase 69 project is part of these areas. For more information on that project, please see our web page for Phase 69.
  • The crews will be finishing the Robert Street area within the middle of November 2017. The Task 121 project is part of that area. For more information on that project, please see our web page for Task 121​.


CenterPoint Energy will continue to work on the Sewer Project for the 2017 construction season. It is an ongoing project that started in the 2016 season. Details such as the project’s streets and timeline will remain the same according to the previous update published below on March 24, 2017.


What is CenterPoint Energy doing for construction?

Crews from CenterPoint Energy are replacing existing natural gas pipelines in Shreveport. The project began in the 2016 construction season and will continue throughout the 2017 season. (Any changes in project dates will be noted on CenterPoint Energy’s website.) The crews will be installing natural gas mains in about three areas (see map below):

  • Alton Street area (Alton Street, Dean Road, Haywood Place, Walters Street and Bethune Drive)
  • Robert Street area (Roberts Street, Evers Drive, Frasier Circle, Oak Branch Circle, Carver Street and Kennedy Drive)
  • ​Linwood Avenue

How may construction affect customers?

As part of this main project, the crews will also be replacing several natural gas service lines that connect from the main to the customer’s property. Customers will experience a short disruption of gas service as the crews are installing the gas service line.

Crews may have to dig in the ground on your property in the utility easement to complete the task of service and main distribution line replacement. If a customer’s property is disturbed, CenterPoint Energy will restore the hard and soft surfaces affected by construction at no cost to you.

How can I contact CenterPoint Energy?

CenterPoint Energy wants to thank you for your patience. For questions about the project, please call Ricky Dunn at 318-286-7347​.​

10/12/2016 Update

Crews from CenterPoint Energy are currently installing gas service lines on Huntington Lane. They will begin work on Ray Street and W. 83rd Street soon.​

9/26/2016 Update

Crews from CenterPoint Energy have been installing about 8,164 feet of sewage lines on the following streets in Shreveport: Huntington Lane, Wilshire Drive, Windsor Drive, Pine Tree Drive, Sippel Street, Union Avenue and W. 70th Street. The crews have also been replacing about 149 service lines.

The crews are currently working in the Woodlawn High School Subdivision and are replacing services on Huntington Lane.​

7/25/2016 Update

As a system upgrade project, crews from CenterPoint Energy will upgrade the sewage lines on Huntington Lane, Wilshire Drive, Windsor Drive, Pine Tree Drive, Sippel Street, Union Avenue and W. 70th Street in Shreveport.

The project will involve replacing approximately 8,088 feet of sewage lines with approximately 8,164 feet of 2-inch and 4-inch lines. Crews will also replace about 149 natural gas service lines.

Construction will begin approximately in summer 2016 and will be an ongoing project that will last in phases for the next several years, according to CenterPoint Energy’s estimates.​

CenterPoint Energy will keep its customers informed about updates via email or text messages. To sign up for updates, go to our Shreveport - Sewer Project home page and click on "Sign Up for Status Updates​."