​​​​​​​​​​Project Status - Shreveport - Phase 61​ (70th Street)

10/12/2016 Update

Crews from CenterPoint Energy are currently installing gas service lines on E. 76th Street and E. 77th Street.​

9/16/2016 Update

What is CenterPoint Energy doing?

As a system upgrade project, Wayne Holden Company, an authorized CenterPoint Energy contractor, will upgrade approximately 17,003 feet of natural gas distribution main along E. 70th Street, Line Avenue, E. 78th Street and Dillman Avenue. The work will also include the replacement of 360 gas service lines. ​Construction began in the summer of 2016.

What is CenterPoint Energy’s progress?

The crews have finished installing approximately half of the natural gas distribution main. Crews are also currently replacing gas service lines on E. 73rd Street and surrounding areas.

What do “gas service lines” mean for residents?

A gas service line is a small pipe connecting the resident’s gas to the main line in the street. Existing gas service lines will be connected to the gas main. Customers will experience a short disruption of gas service. 

Crews may have to dig in some residents’ properties in the utility easement to achieve this task. If a resident’s property is disturbed, CenterPoint Energy will be responsible for restoring the hard and soft surfaces affected by construction. This is at no cost to the customer or resident of the construction area.​​