​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Crystal - Pipeline Inspections

​​​Scheduled Start Date: June 2015​​​​

​​​​Project Description ​​​

From approximately June 4th to June 26th 2015, CenterPoint Energy is scheduled to inspect a section of large diameter steel transmission pipeline along Winnetka Avenue N., from Medicine Lake Road to 38 ½ Avenue N.

Approximately four excavations are required along the pipeline to accommodate the insertion and removal of the PIG. This entails installing a twenty four foot fitting on a section of pipe at Winnetka Avenue N. and 32nd Avenue N. In addition, there will be three smaller excavations just north of Terra Linda Drive, just south of 32nd Avenue N. and just south of 37th Avenue N. to install battery charging ports.

The in-line inspection is performed using a sophisticated electronic device that is inserted into the pipeline to inspect for corrosion and other defects or anomalies that may require a section of pipe to be repaired or replaced. The electronic device commonly referred to as a PIG in the natural gas industry is battery powered and travels very slowly through the pipeline gathering and recording critical inspection data. Although the technology is extremely advanced, data storage capability and battery life limitations require the PIG to be inserted and removed from the pipeline at multiple locations during the inspection process.

Please drive with caution and anticipate traffic delays in the area of construction. Please refer to the map showing the approximate locations of the excavation sites.

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