​​​​​​​​Our Claim Policy and Process

If you believe that CenterPoint Energy may have some responsibility for causing a loss you have experienced, or if you would like to report damage to CenterPoint Energy facilities, please read the following information before submitting a claim:

What is considered a CLAIM for purposes of this process?

  • Property damage, vehicle damage, ​personal injury
  • Damage to CenterPoint Energy facilities caused by a third party.

If you are contacting us regarding Hurricane Nicholas, please be aware that, under CenterPoint Energy’s tariff, we are unable to reimburse customers for food or other losses resulting from power outages.  Contact your home or rental insurance company to make any claims for lost food or other damages/losses due to power outages. If your insurance company needs to know the duration of the outage at your location, CenterPoint Energy can provide you with a letter.  Due to the volume of requests, our response times may be delayed.

What is NOT a CLAIM?

  • Billing issues, power quality, tree trimming requests, employee complaints.  Please contact Customer Service to request assistance with these issues.


Click here if you need to follow up on a previously-filed claim.

Documentation Needed

When you file a claim, it will be assigned to a licensed claims adjuster to conduct an investigation.  As part of the investigation, your claims adjuster may request certain documentation to evaluate your claim.  The following types of documentation may be requested from you, but does not constitute an exhaustive list of the information that a claims adjuster may review to arrive at a claim determination.

    • Property/Vehicle Damage Claims:  estimates, invoices, and/or proof of purchase, title
    • Personal Injury Claims:  medical records and receipts

Any other claims filed not mentioned above may also require documentation to evaluate the loss.

Our Policy and Process

It is our policy to respond promptly to claims reported to CenterPoint Energy.  We will strive to reach a decision regarding your claim within 7-10 days of the initial claim submission, but in some cases, a lengthier investigation may be required.   In all cases, you will be contacted once a final decision has been reached. At any time, you may contact your claims adjuster to check on the status of your claim.


CenterPoint Energy makes reasonable provisions to provide steady and continuous service to electric and gas consumers in its service areas, but does not guarantee uninterrupted service.  Circumstances beyond CenterPoint Energy’s control – including, but not limited to weather, wildlife, and third party damage – may result in interruptions of service. In addition, there may be laws, statutes, tariffs, or regulations that limit the liability of CenterPoint Energy for certain types of damages.  Your adjuster will discuss any applicable laws, statutes, tariffs, or regulations with you once the claim investigation has been completed.  

Natu​​ral Gas Tariff Information Electric Tariff Information

>Arkansas​ (Section 3.8)
> Louisiana
     North Louisiana
     South Louisiana (Rule 4)
>Minnesota (Section 5.06)
> Mississippi (Section 18)
> Oklahoma (Section 3.8)
> Texas
;Texas - Excluding Texarkana (Section 17 a-d)
     Texarkana - Unincorporated (Part 3, VIII)
     Texarkana - Incorporated (Part 3, VIII)

Electric (Section 5.2)

Disclaimer: This site contains copies of CenterPoint Energy's tariffs. The official tariffs are on file with the appropriate governing agency for each state. Althought every effort has been mae to ensure that the tariffs on this site ar accurate and are updated on a timely basis, CenterPoint Energy doesn warrant that they are identical in every respect to the official tariffs on file with the appropriate governing agency for each state and expressly disclaims any responsibility or liability for any differences.

Submitting a Claim

There are multiple ways to submit your claim:

  • Phone: Please call us to submit your claim at 1-888-861-0498 or 713-207-7722.
  • Online:  Please click the following link; fill the form out as thoroughly as possible.

  • Mail or Fax:  Please print the claims form, fill the form out as thoroughly as possible, and mail/fax it to the number below with any supporting documentation. 
    PRINTABLE CLAIM FORM​ (PDF)​ ​           

    Fax: 713-207-0204
    Mailing Address:
    CenterPoint Energy: Claims Department
    PO Box 4090
    Houston, TX 77210-4090