​​​​Public Participation

How will CEGT communicate with landowners about the Project?
CEGT plans to implement a public outreach plan to identify stakeholders such as landowners, government officials, resource agencies and environmental groups, and involve them early in the planning stage. In addition to the informational mailings and notifications, the company plans to hold an open house-style meeting so that interested stakeholders can learn more about the project and ask questions. Additional questions can be answered in the contents of this site, or by contacting the company​ directly.

What is the open house meeting and when will it take place?
The open house meeting will be held in a community along the project route. Affected landowners and local and state officials will receive a mailed invitation that identifies the specific date and location of the open house meeting. We will also publicize the open house information in the local newspapers.

At the open house, the company will give a formal presentation that will include a summary of the project and provide the project route, company contact information, information on the role of the federal government and landowners’ rights, the company’s safety commitments, and land restoration and remediation. Company officials will also be on hand to answer any questions you might have.

What if I want to contact FERC?
FERC will conduct a comprehensive environmental analysis of the project and if you would like to know the results of those findings, there are two ways to communicate with FERC. First, if you want FERC to consider your views on the various environmental issues involving the pipeline, comments may be submitted to FERC in writing or electronically. FERC encourages electronic filing of comments and has expert eFiling staff available to assist you at 202-502-8258 or efiling@ferc.gov.

Additional information is available through FERC’s Office of External Affairs at
1-866-208-FERC (3372), or you may check FERC’s website for details at www.ferc.gov.

Second, once CEGT formally files its certificate application requesting authorization to construct the proposed facilities (designated as a CP docket), you may file as an intervenor. The FERC Office of External Affairs can help you through this process as well.  Becoming an intervenor will give you access to company and FERC documents related to the case as well as materials filed by other parties to the application. You will have the right to file legal briefs, appear at hearings and be heard by the courts if you appeal the final FERC ruling. You will also be obligated to mail copies of what you file to all the other parties, which in a major case, could be substantial. 

If you choose to intervene, you must file for intervenor status within 21 days of the date that the company files its formal application and the filing notice is placed in the Federal Register. Comments are accepted during the pre-filing process, designated as PF docket as described above, but does not designate you as an intervenor in the process.

To contact CEGT directly about a problem or to ask a question, click here.