​​​​​​​Environmental Impact

CEGT will construct, operate and maintain the pipeline in an environmentally responsible manner. The pipeline siting process is designed to balance the need for appropriate energy sources with the need to protect and preserve the region’s important environmental resources. Working with government officials, landowners and the public at large, CEGT has conducted surveys to pinpoint specific environmental and cultural resources along the pipeline corridor.

CEGT will follow nationwide wetland preservation guidelines and will implement appropriate soil erosion and sediment control measures issued by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). CEGT will also comply with the full range of state and federal rules applying to wetland areas.​

All disturbed land areas will be graded, seeded and returned as closely as possible to their original contours and natural states following construction. Typically, restoration measures result in the rejuvenation of dense and diverse vegetation within one year. All restoration efforts will be in compliance with applicable federal, state and municipal requirements. CEGT will remain available to respond to landowner questions and concerns throughout restoration.