Electric Transmission & Distribution

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Investing to serve growth and increase reliability

With $623 million in operating income consisting of $496 million from the electric utility and $127 million related to transition and system restoration bonds, our electric transmission and distribution business had its strongest financial year. These results were driven by record heat, increased energy use and customer growth of more than 45,000.

During the second quarter of this year, we will complete our three-year project to deploy more than 2 million smart meters across our service territory. The meters have allowed us to automate meter reading and, to date, remotely complete nearly 2 million routine orders. By eliminating the need to send crews to execute these orders, we are completing transactions more quickly and reducing vehicle carbon emissions.

We continued deployment of our intelligent grid. Using advanced automation and sensor technologies, the grid will work with smart meters to identify outage locations and, where possible, reroute power around an outage. This will minimize the number of customers affected and enable us to restore power more efficiently.

Smart meters will also eliminate the need for customers to report outages. We are now working on a system that will allow customers to receive notifications by phone, text or email when their power goes out and when it is restored.

Looking ahead, supporting growth and system reliability continue to be top priorities. The Houston economy grew faster than that of any other major city in North America last year, adding more than 80,000 jobs. This pace is expected to continue in 2012, and we are investing in infrastructure to support this growth. For example, we are preparing to build a substation to serve a new, master-planned community that will include up to 5,000 homes along with nearly 10 million square feet of commercial office and retail space. We recently applied for approval from the Public Utility Commission of Texas to construct a high-voltage transmission line to serve this project and future growth in the area.

In addition to our intelligent grid initiative, we spent nearly $38 million on other grid hardening activities, including accelerated tree trimming and more frequent circuit and pole inspections. Further, we have initiated the design and construction of a secondary control and data center that will provide an essential level of redundancy and comply with new federal regulations.

Electric Transmission & Distribution

Delivering Results

  • $623 million in operating income, consisting of $496 million from the electric utility and $127 million related to transition and system restoration bonds
  • Added 45,000+ customers
  • Remotely completed nearly 2 million routine orders
  • Spent nearly $38 million on system reliability, including tree trimming and circuit and pole inspections
  • In the second quarter of 2012, we plan to complete our three-year deployment of 2+ million smart meters

Electric Transmission & Distribution

Pursuing Opportunities

Our intelligent grid investment will improve reliability and provide consumers more information.

Pursuing Opportunities

  • Continue to implement new technology including grid automation and enhanced communication with customers
  • Build infrastructure to meet the needs of our growing service territory, including new substations and high-voltage transmission lines
  • Provide an essential level of redundancy with a secondary control and data center