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Enable Gas Transmission (EGT) is one of two indirect, wholly-owned interstate pipeline subsidiaries of Enable Midstream Partners, LP.  EGT and Enable Mississippi River Transmission (MRT) operate more than 8,000 miles of interstate pipe located in Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas, as well as six storage facilities. The Carthage to Perryville pipeline (Line CP), consisting of 172 miles of 42-inch diameter pipe, is owned and operated by EGT and has approximately 1.9 bcf of capacity per day. Line CP has four compressor stations, Panola, Westdale, Vernon and Alto, totaling approximately 120,000 horsepower.

Continue to the Enable Gas Transmission (EGT) customer website to access capacity availability, specific operational information, service offerings and rates, informational postings and our tariffs. You can also participate in Interactive Capacity Release or access our customer service system, ServiceLynx, via Customer Activities. ServiceLynx provides for internet-enabled nominations, allocations, volume information and imbalance trading. ServiceLynx requires user registration and rigorous security ensures only authorized users access customer data. 

Should you need immediate assistance call Valerie Price at 713-207-7817 or Terri Williams at 713-207-5855. Feel free to contact the Enable Midstream Pipelines Customer Advocate, Kathy Kennedy, to communicate how the Enable Midstream Pipelines are meeting your needs or how we can improve our customer service. You may call Kathy at 713-207-5189 or e-mail her at

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