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Availability of Natural Gas

Source: American Clean Skies Foundation
Source: American Clean Skies Foundation

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The long-term availability of natural gas supplies is sound, and known reserves of natural gas are plentiful and sufficient for many decades to come. The United States has a natural gas resource base equal to about 100 years of consumption at current production levels. According to the Energy Information Administration, the U. S. possesses over 2,550 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of potential natural gas resources. In 2009, natural gas, derived from unconventional shale plays, made up 14 percent of total U.S. natural gas supply. Production of shale gas is expected to continue to increase, and is expected to constitute 45 percent of U.S. total natural gas supply in 2035.  Additionally, Canada and Mexico have large reserves that are accessible to U.S. markets.