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Natural Gas benefits
Discover the advantages of natural gas

At CenterPoint Energy, we work hard to secure ample supplies of natural gas to ensure that you have all that you need to heat your home and business. With the long-term availability of U.S. natural gas supplies, choosing natural gas is the best choice because it's affordable, abundant, domestic and environmentally-friendly.

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Save energy and money when you move.

Clean-burning natural gas costs less to use than any other energy source. In fact, natural gas is about half the cost of other fuels.

Natural gas prices

Natural gas prices continue to remain low making natural gas your best energy value. 
Learn more about current and historical natural gas pricing.

Managing energy costs
CenterPoint Energy offers a wide array of billing options, energy saving tips and money saving programs to help you manage your gas bill.


Save energy and money when you build.

According to America's Natural Gas Alliance, there is more than a 90-year supply of natural gas in the United States. 
Learn more about the availability of natural gas.

The supply of natural gas is affected by production, storage and other factors.


Save energy and money when you remodel.

98 percent of the natural gas used in the U.S. comes from North America. 
Learn more on where natural gas comes from.


Save energy and money when you remodel.

A home that uses natural gas for heating, water heating, cooking and clothes drying leaves about half the carbon footprint of an all-electric home.

Use our convenient operating cost calculator to see how you could benefit from choosing natural gas versus electricity.

Natural gas is cleaner than electricity, releasing:

  • Significantly less carbon dioxide (a major greenhouse gas)
  • Almost no sulfur dioxide (a key cause of acid rain and haze)
  • Less than one-third the amount of nitrogen oxides (the primary cause of smog)
  • Zero mercury emissions (a common cause of contamination in fish)

Gas is Better.