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Natural Gas Prices and Other Fuels
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Natural Gas Pricing vs. Alternative Fuels


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CenterPoint Energy works with a variety of suppliers, buying natural gas throughout the year on a competitive bid basis, a common utility practice to ensure reliable supplies and to take advantage of typically lower spring and summer natural gas prices. The cost of gas on a customer's bill changes monthly depending on market prices, weather, the economy and supply and demand.

CenterPoint Energy is committed to delivering natural gas to customers safely, reliably and at reasonable prices.

Clean-burning natural gas costs less to use than any other energy source. In fact, natural gas is about half the cost of other fuels. Shown below is the average residential energy pricing information for Minnesota.

 Energy source  $/Unit Fuel  $/Therm Equivalent
Natural gas   $0.80/Therm  $0.80/Therm
 Electricity  $0.095/kWh  $2.80/Therm
 Propane  $2.10/gallon  $2.29/Therm
 Heating oil  $3.60/gallon  $2.59/Therm

Source: U.S. Department of Energy - Energy Information Administration, March 2011
*One Therm is equivalent to 100,000 Btu or 100 cubic feet CCF.

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