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Build in the benefits of natural gas

Buying a home is a large investment. When you choose natural gas for your new home or remodel project, you are making a smart decision for greater cost-savings, comfort, environmental impact and future home value. Increase the value of your home by choosing natural gas.

New Construction Program

A free, opt-in energy efficiency program offered to new home builders. Our building science consultants review each participating home for construction best practices focusing on the building shell and mechanical equipment. These homes are designed and built with the goal of lowering energy use.

Build Wiser® builders

Our Build Wiser builders are committed to building high quality, high value homes with the homeowner in mind. These homes feature efficient, environmentally friendly and economical natural gas mechanical systems that provide families with the best possible value and performance.

Natural gas equipment and appliances

See how natural gas equipment and appliances add comfort, savings, efficiency and increased value throughout your home, while reducing your impact on the environment.

Home heating options

It is important for you to understand the environmental impact and payback of your investment when choosing a heating system for your home.

Natural gas water heaters

Natural gas water heaters recover twice as fast and have more hot water available than electric models. 
Learn more about the benefits of natural gas water heaters.

Natural gas fireplaces

You’ll enjoy spending time with family by the warm fire, snuggling up with a good book and entertaining guests during the holidays in your comfortable home. Additionally, natural gas fireplaces can reduce up to 99 percent of the amount of pollutants and particles emitted into the air compared to wood-burning fireplaces.

Start, stop or transfer your services

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Natural gas safety

Learn about using natural gas safely, where to call if you suspect a gas leak, locating underground utility lines and other important safety tips.

Natural Gas Benefits
Natural Gas Heating Systems Have a Smaller Carbon Footprint