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Low income weatherization program
Helping you manage your energy costs

We can help reduce your home heating costs.  Our Low-Income Weatherization Program provides free wall and attic insulation and air sealing to help improve the energy efficiency of eligible homes for qualified customers who reside in our Minnesota service territory.  Some homes may also be eligible for replacement of old, malfunctioning heating equipment with new, high efficiency natural gas furnaces, boilers or water heaters.  Your local Community Action Program agency may also have additional funds for energy improvements in your home.

To qualify for free weatherization

  • You must be a CenterPoint Energy residential heating customer in our Minnesota service territory.
  • You must own or rent, and live in a one- to four-unit building that has not been weatherized since 1993 and that meets our energy use criteria, as determined by your energy consumption and home energy audit (which is completed as part of the weatherization service).
  • Your income must meet the Weatherization Assistance Income Eligibility Guidelines* (listed in the table below).

If you think you qualify for free weatherization, please call our Community Action Program (CAP) agency network at toll free 855-693-7245.

Please have the following information available before calling:

  • CenterPoint Energy account number
  • Service address
  • Name of CenterPoint Energy account holder
  • Minnesota county of residence
  • Income level (see chart below)
  • Number of household members

Weatherization Assistance Income Eligibility Guidelines*

  Household size  Annual  Three-months
 1  $22,980  $5,745
 2  $31,020  $7,755
 3  $39,060  $9,765
 4  $47,100  $11,775
 5  $55,140  $13,785
 6  $63,180  $15,795
 7  $71,220  $17,805
 8  $79,260  $19,815
 9  $87,300  $21,825
 10  $95,340  $23,835

* Based on 200% of Federal Poverty Income Guidelines effective March 15, 2013. For each additional household member, add $8,040 to annual income and $2,010 to three-month income.


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