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Gas Affordability Program
Get help paying your natural gas bill

CenterPoint Energy's Gas Affordability Program* is designed to help qualifying customers lower their monthly gas bills and pay past due balances. To qualify for the program, customers must have received a  Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) grant for the current heating season. Click here for eligibility guidelines. If accepted into the program, customers can receive credits on their monthly natural gas bill.

The Gas Affordability Program (GAP) offers the following benefits:

  • Helps customers lower monthly natural gas bills and pay past due balances.
  • Participants who continue to make payments will not have their natural gas service shut-off.
  • Flat monthly payments help customers manage their budgets.

The Gas Affordability Program (GAP) offers two types of credit:

1. A monthly GAP Affordability Credit for current natural gas charges. A customer’s monthly natural gas charges will be estimated based on their annual natural gas bill divided by 12 months. The gas charges are then averaged to provide the same flat monthly bill amount for current charges. The flat monthly amount for current natural gas charges will not exceed 4% of a customer's annual household income.

2. A GAP Installment Credit for any past due natural gas charges on a customer's account.  CenterPoint Energy will apply a customer’s Energy Assistance Grant to their past due balance. If there is a past due balance remaining, we will set up a GAP Installment Plan to help the customer pay off their past due bill over 12 months. Each month the customer pays their full GAP Installment amount towards their past due balance, their account will be credited. This arrears pay down credit will be applied after CenterPoint Energy receives a customer’s GAP payment. If customers make their monthly installment payments, they will only be paying up to 2% of their annual household income toward their past due balance. Past due balances for other charges, such as the Home Service Plus Repair Plan, are not covered under GAP.

Please, note that for this program, the total amount of current and past due charges will be capped so that payments do not exceed 6% of annual household income. If, after calculating a customer’s monthly payment, it is determined that their payment is already less than 6% of their annual household income, we will notify the customer that no program benefit will be gained by their participation in the program.

Please contact CenterPoint Energy at 612-372-4727 or 1-800-245-2377 for more information. Apply today! Click here to download an application.

* GAP is offered under the Gas Affordability Service Program Tariff and is subject to annual regulatory review by the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission.

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