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Converting your home to natural gas
Come home to natural gas comfort

Why convert to natural gas?
What makes natural gas the best choice for heating, water heating, cooking and more? It's cost-effective, comfortable and convenient and a wise choice for the environment. By choosing natural gas from CenterPoint Energy, you'll be getting an excellent value and safe, reliable service from an industry leader.


Natural gas prices are consistently lower than propane, number 2 fuel oil and electricity.  Additionally, we buy natural gas in large volumes at competitive prices and extra supplies during the summer months when prices are typically lower for winter storage.

Natural gas water heaters recover twice as fast as electric models and the annual operating costs are still significantly lower!  A smaller natural gas tank can be used to produce the same amount of water as a larger electric model would require, saving space in your utility room.

Natural gas burns cleanly and efficiently, helping maintain a cleaner environment indoors and out. It has very low emissions releasing significantly less carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide than electricity and no mercury emissions.

Natural gas hook-up 
Once you receive information from us on converting to natural gas and want to proceed follow the 10 easy steps and then relax and enjoy the low-cost comfort of clean-burning natural gas

Residential Conversion 
If you're interested in bringing natural gas to your neighborhood, contact us:

We're available by phone, Monday through Friday at 612-342-5123 or
1-800-342-4166 to provide more information, including:

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