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Average Monthly Billing
Even out the highs and lows of your gas bill

CenterPoint Energy's Average Monthly Billing plan spreads your natural gas costs throughout a 12-month period to smooth winter billing peaks. Average Monthly Billing amounts will vary slightly from month to month, allowing the program to adjust for changes in the cost of gas and usage patterns. You will still pay for the natural gas you use, but by spreading out your costs, your payments become more manageable.

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To enroll online, or to view the approximate amount your Average Monthly Billing payment will be, register or sign in for an online account. You can then enroll right from your My Account page. It's easy!

Average Monthly Billing



This graph shows at a glance how Average Monthly Billing works if you joined in August. The shaded area of the graph shows the highs and lows of a typical 12-month CenterPoint Energy bill. The solid line shows how Average Monthly Billing can even out your bill payments.

How your Average Monthly Billing amount is calculated

  1. Your Average Monthly Billing payment amount is based on the average dollar amount of your last 12 months' bills. Each month, the difference between the average amount that you are billed and the actual usage is placed into a deferred balance, either as a credit or debit.
  2. One-twelfth of the deferred balance is applied to your average amount on each bill, and the sum is rounded to the nearest dollar to determine your total Average Monthly Billing amount.
  3. You may remain on the plan as long as you would like. As long as you are enrolled, one-twelfth of your deferred balanced with continue to be added to your monthly bill. You will never be asked to settle-up your entire deferred balance unless you de-enroll. For your information, the actual usage and dollar amount will be listed separately on your bill each month. Your average amount will be listed as the total due along with the current due date.

You may discontinue the plan at any time by notifying CenterPoint Energy. Changes to the Average Monthly Billing plan will be effective with your next bill. Average Monthly Billing will also be discontinued if you close your account or if service is turned off for non-payment. In addition, your Average Monthly Billing enrollment will be discontinued if your account becomes two months past due.

If your Average Monthly Billing is discontinued, any outstanding balance owed to CenterPoint Energy, including the deferred balance, will be due with your next bill. Likewise, any credit due to you will be applied to your next bill or refunded as appropriate. A deferred payment agreement may be available to qualifying customers for an outstanding deferred balance.

Simply register for or sign into My Account and then choose "Enroll in Average Monthly Billing" under "More billing and payment options." Enroll today!