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Enhance your outdoor living spaces
Make the most out of your backyard with natural gas appliances
Outdoor Entertaining with Natural Gas

Expand your home’s living space when you take advantage of your backyard, patio, poolside or front porch with efficient, affordable and always available natural gas appliances to enhance your space and make it more comfortable.

When you choose natural gas to fuel your outdoor space needs for relaxing or entertaining, you can forget about lugging around heavy propane tanks or disposing of messy ashes from a traditional grill or fireplace bowl. Natural gas is always available, costs less to use and is a reliable source of fuel even during a power outage.

Consider all the ways natural gas can enhance your outdoor areas:

For more great ideas on how you can incorporate natural gas into your backyard space, check out this short video.


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Fueling the Future with Natural Gas 

 Natural Gas for Your Home
Gas is Better

Gas is better
Building or buying a new home? Upgrading your appliances? Remodeling? Clean-burning, efficient natural gas is the smart energy choice for your home.


Use natural gas for heating, water heating, cooking, drying and more.  It’s reliable and a better choice than electricity, propane or heating oil for three important reasons:

  1. Greater comfort
  2. More savings
  3. Better for the environment
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Water conservation


Energy-saving tips


The best way to reduce energy use and save money for water heating is to use less hot water. Today’s natural gas water heaters represent an extraordinary value particularly when it comes to conserving energy.

Follow the helpful conservation tips to save money on your energy bill:

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