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Heating system rebates up to $400
Upgrade your heating system for greater comfort and savings

Heating System RebatesWith rebates up to $400, our Heating System Rebate program can help you make a smart investment by replacing your furnace or boiler with a safe, reliable high-efficient natural gas heating system designed to keep your family warm and energy costs low.

If your heating system is more than 15 years old, you can save on energy bills by replacing it with a high-efficiency natural gas system. Ask your heating dealer for a natural gas heating system will meet the needs of your family and qualify for a rebate.

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 Natural Gas for Your Home

Gas is better
Your choice for greater comfort and savings


Enjoy greater cost and energy savings year-round by getting the facts about the benefits of natural gas.

  • More affordable - Natural gas costs less to use than any other energy source including electricity. 
  • Greater comfort - Natural gas water heaters recover twice as fast and have more hot water available than electric models. 
  • Better for the environment - A home that uses natural gas for heating, water heating, cooking and clothes drying leaves about half the carbon footprint of an all-electric home.

Learn more.

 Water Heater Rebates
Water Heater Rebates

A high-efficiency natural gas tank water heater is a safe, reliable source of hot water, even during a power outage. Select a tankless water heater, the most efficient choice for your home’s hot water needs, to maximize comfort and energy savings. Upgrade now for rebate savings of up to $250. Learn more.

 Paperless billing
Paperless billing 

It’s easy to sign up for clutter-free paperless

Here’s how:

  1. Register for or sign in to your online account 
  2. Select the preferences tab at top
  3. Click for paperless

It’s that easy! For future bills, you’ll get a notice when it’s ready to view and pay online.  Go paperless.

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