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Natural gas provides value and comfort
It’s the perfect choice inside and out

Natural Gas is BetterHomeowners who choose natural gas understand the importance of receiving the best value for their household energy dollar. Environmentally natural gas appliances offer excellent energy-efficiency benefits that pay big dividends in lower energy costs and greater comfort for years to come.

For example, high-efficiency natural gas water heaters are a popular choice if you’re replacing an existing water heater, remodeling a house or building a new home. They recover twice as fast and have more hot water available than an electric model.

Natural gas heating systems can also ensure that a home is warm and comfortable. They have lower heating bills than electric and heating systems powered by other fuels, such as propane and oil, and free up room in your family’s energy budget.

Learn more about the many benefits of natural gas appliances and watch this video from the American Gas Foundation about the efficiency of natural gas.

Fueling the Future with Natural Gas 

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 Natural Gas for Your Home
Gas is Better

Gas is better
Building or buying a new home? Upgrading your appliances? Remodeling? Clean-burning, efficient natural gas is the smart energy choice for your home.


Use natural gas for heating, water heating, cooking, drying and more.  It’s reliable and a better choice than electricity, propane or heating oil for three important reasons:

  1. Greater comfort
  2. More savings
  3. Better for the environment
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Hurricane readiness

Be prepared this hurricane season

In the event of severe weather such as a hurricane, power outages are likely. Just as CenterPoint Energy has an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP), the company urges customers to have their own emergency plan ready to implement should a hurricane strike.

It is extremely important for every family and business to have their own personal emergency plan, especially customers who rely on electricity for life-sustaining equipment. If your plan is to shelter in place during a storm, CenterPoint Energy encourages customers to have battery-powered radios, enough food and water for several days (one gallon of water per person, per day), necessary medication and a portable generator.

To stay up to date on the most current power outage information, we urge you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter where we post frequent updates during a storm. For more details, please visit

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