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Basis Price Lock
Lock natural gas basis prices for future months
Price lock Our Basis Price Lock service allows customers to lock the basis delivery cost for a fixed volume and term. This service can be combined with our Commodity Lock program for even greater price certainty.

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 What is Basis Price Lock?

  • Manages the cost of natural gas for future months
  • Locks the Basis or delivery cost portion of the monthly price
  • Multiple basis points available, based on customer’s geographic location
  • Individual prices by month or weighted average strip pricing for multi-month terms
  • Non-locked volumes billed according to Base Agreement
  • Terms up to three years

Why should I consider it?

  • Provides some control over an increasingly volatile component of natural gas cost
  • Helps manage energy expense budgets and brings predictability to energy costs
  • Multiple facilities in multiple geographic locations can be locked with one transaction
  • Combine with Commodity Price Lock for even greater price certainty

How much will it cost?

  • All transaction fees are included in locked price
  • Standard charges for utility delivery service apply

What else do I get?

  • Can be added to existing CenterPoint Energy Services contracts
  • Personal attention from your CenterPoint Energy Services account manager
  • Ready access to detailed natural gas market information
  • Simple, easily understood invoicing and multiple facilities can be billed on a single invoice
  • Security of doing business with a solid, experienced, national energy company

Download the Basis Price Lock fact sheet (PDF)