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Guaranteed Supply
Short-term protection during natural gas utility curtailment
guaranteed supply Guaranteed Supply offers customers with interruptible natural gas supply arrangements short-term protection during utility curtailment. It helps decrease or eliminate the risk of curtailment penalties and increased alternative fuel costs.

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What is Guaranteed Supply?

  • Provides interruptible customers with short-term protection during utility curtailment
  • Partial or full requirements coverage during curtailment
  • Combination of monthly fixed fee and variable charge
  • One-year contract with auto-renewal option

Why should I consider it?

  • Minimize risk of curtailment penalties and increased cost of alternate fuels
  • Reduce, defer or eliminate maintenance costs for back-up fuel systems
  • Provide time needed to repair, expand or retire back-up fuel system
  • Reduce costs for on-call employees during curtailment

How much will it cost?

  • Variable fee based on extent of curtailment protection required and the volume of natural gas protected
  • Fees added to monthly CenterPoint Energy Services invoices
  • Service availability limited by geographic location – call for details

What else do I get?

  • Can be added to existing CenterPoint Energy Services contracts
  • Personal attention from your CenterPoint Energy Services account manager
  • Ready access to detailed natural gas market information
  • Simple, easily understood invoicing and multiple facilities can be billed on a single invoice
  • Security of doing business with a solid, experienced, national energy company

Download the Guaranteed Supply fact sheet (PDF)